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BACT Scientific Review Committee


The public comment period ended on November 3, 2018.  The next BACT SRC meeting will be held at SCAQMD headquarters conference room GB on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm to discuss comment responses and guideline updates.  

The draft meeting agenda can be viewed here.

This material below was discussed at the October 3, 2018 BACT SRC meeting.

BACT policy document proposed updates:

Part B - Section I  (AQMD Major Source BACT/LAER Determinations):

 New Category:  Storage Tanks - External Floating Roof
     Phillips 66 - BACT/LAER: Install Dome

 New Category:  Soil Vapor Extraction – Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizer, burner only
Tesoro Refining, 30 ppm NOx

 Existing Category:  Gas Turbines, Combined Cycle
Pasadena Water & Power - 2 ppm NOx, 2 ppm VOC, 2 ppm CO, 5 ppm NH3

 Existing Category: Gas Turbines, Simple Cycle
     -  WCEP - 2.5 ppm NOx, 2 ppm VOC, 4 ppm CO, 5 ppm  NH3

 Existing Category: Gas Turbines, Landfill Gas Fired
 Sunshine Gas Producers - 12.5 ppm NOx, 10.5 ppm VOC, 20.5 ppm CO

 Existing Category: Gas Turbines, Digester Gas Fired 
  -  L.A. City Sanitation - 18.8 ppm NOx, 25 ppm VOC, 60 ppm CO, 10 ppm NH3

 Existing Category: Gas Turbines, Produced Gas
 Signal Hills Petroleum - 5 ppm NOx, 2 ppm VOC, 6 ppm CO, 5 ppm NH3

 Existing Category: I.C. Engine, Emergency Fire Pump, Compression Ignition
    -   SFPP LP - Tier 3 Compliant Engine

 Existing Category: I.C. Engine, Portable, Compression Ignition
 Sunshine Canyon Landfill - Tier 4 Final Compliant Engine

Part B - Section II (Other Agency’s BACT/LAER Determinations):     

    Existing Category:  Gas Turbine, Combined Cycle
    -   Warren County Power, Virginia - 2 ppm NOx, 1.5 ppm CO (no duct burner)

Part D - Minor Source BACT

     Categories requiring Cost Effectiveness Analysis
          - Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizer 30 ppm NOx (new)   Cost Study #1   Cost Study #2
          - Fryer - Deep Fat
     Administrative Updates
          -  Flare category updated to include compliance with R1118.1
          -  Composting category update to reflect compliance with R1133.2 & R1133.3
          -  Boiler and Heater categories update to reflect compliance with R1146
          -  Printing - Graphic Arts category to correct errors
          -  Spray Booth category updated – 667 instead of 660 lb/month usage limit
          -  Categories where compliance with R1147 is more stringent than current BACT
          -  NEW! I.C. Engine, Stationary, Emergency - corrected PM limits for 100-175 HP
     Proposed Amended BACT SRC Charter

The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) was established as a standing committee by an action of the SCAQMD Governing Board in 9/8/95.  The SRC was intended to enhance the public participation process with technical review and comments by a focused committee at periodic intervals, prior to the updates of the SCAQMD BACT Guidelines.  CARB and U.S. EPA Region IX were each asked to designate representatives to the committee, and neighboring San Diego APCD was invited to participate.  The balance of the committee was created by invitation of recognized experts from industry, consultants to industry, public utilities, suppliers of air pollution control equipment and environmental advocacy groups.  Whenever committee members are no longer able to participate or resign, SCAQMD seeks out an appropriate replacement to join the committee.  Committee members participate voluntarily and there is no specific number of members to make up the committee.

Overall Purpose of Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

  1. Comment on proposed new & more stringent BACT determinations in permit applications under 30-day public review.

  2. Comment on proposed BACT listings for BACT Guidelines updates (All Parts).

  3. Except for above, purpose is not to comment on past permitting decisions or change them.

SRC Membership

Current SRC members are affiliated with the following organizations:

  • U.S. EPA Region 9
  • CARB

  • San Diego APCD

  • California Energy Commission

  • Southern California Edison

  • Southern California Gas

  • Los Angeles County Sanitation District

  • Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

  • Orange County Sanitation District

  • Western States Petroleum Association

  • California Small Business Alliance

  • Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association

  • Five (5) Environmental consultants

  View or Download Current SRC Membership List

Specific SRC Role

  1. New & More Stringent BACT determinations under 30-day public review:

    1. Review and comment on the appropriateness of the proposed BACT determination within the 30-day comment period by e-mail/mail/fax.

    2. Permit issuance subject to AQMD rules/State law timelines.

  2. Review of other Part B BACT listings:
    Staff commits to send new BACT listings to the SRC at least one week prior to the SRC meeting. There may be general discussion of the BACT listing at the first meeting, and the SRC and the public may send preliminary written comments on the BACT listing prior to the first meeting, as well as follow-up written comments within two weeks of the first meeting for staff to address. However, in order to allow staff time to research any issues raised about new BACT listings, staff will address any comments raised by the SRC or the public at the meeting following the one where the new BACT listing is introduced.

  3. Review and comment on revisions to Part A –Policies and Procedures.

BACT SRC Charter

The BACT SRC Charter (PDF) details the goals and objective, composition and selection of the BACT SRC membership, desired qualifications of its membership and the operational guidelines for the BACT SRC.

SCAQMD Staff Role

  1. BACT Team staff will present BACT forms and respond to questions received at the next SRC meeting.

  2. Engineering & Compliance staff will respond to specific issues raised, if appropriate, at the next SRC meeting.

BACT Scientific Review Committee Meetings

  • The BACT SRC meets periodically to introduce new BACT Guideline updates and to gather comments and feedback from committee members and the public.  Information on past meetings can be found below.

April 24, 2018, 2:00 p.m., Room GB

December 12, 2017, 9:00 a.m., Room GB

October 26, 2017, 10:00 a.m., Room GB

May 24, 2017, 2:00 p.m., Room GB

April 4, 2017, 10:00 a.m., Room GB

November 9, 2016, 10:00 a.m., Room GB

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