Air Quality Investment Program


Rule 2202 - On-Road Motor Vehicle Mitigation Options provides employers with a menu of flexible and cost effective options from which they can choose to implement to comply with the rule. One of the options available to employers is the Air Quality Investment Program (AQIP). An employer may elect to participate in this program by investing annually $46.73 per employee or triennially $129.79 per employee into an SCAQMD administered restricted fund. Monies collected in this restricted fund will be used by the SCAQMD to fund proposals that reduce emissions equivalent to an emission reduction target (ERT) based on the level of employer participation in the AQIP.


The SCAQMD is seeking proposals to be funded by monies from the AQIP. Proposals will be accepted by the SCAQMD on an ongoing basis. Contracts will be awarded on a semi-annual basis. Proposals should demonstrate that emission reductions/air quality improvements are real, surplus, quantifiable, and contain appropriate methodologies.

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If you wish to receive additional information on the AQIP or receive technical assistance regarding the program, please contact:

Fred Minassian
Assistant Deputy Executive Officer
Science and Technology Assessment
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