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In 1988, the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) Clean Fuels Program was initially created, along with establishment of the SCAQMD's Technology Advancement Office (TAO).

Technology Advancement Office Clean Fuels Program Annual Report and Program Plan Update

In 1988, the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) Clean Fuels Program was initially created, along with establishment of the SCAQMD's Technology Advancement Office (TAO). The California Health & Safety Code (H&SC), section 40448.5.1(d), requires the SCAQMD each year, on or before March 31, to submit to the Legislative Analyst, and to the committees of the Legislature responsible for improving air quality, an annual report summarizing progress of the Clean Fuels Program for the previous calendar year (see below for specific content and reporting requirements).

In addition to the Clean Fuels Program Annual Report, the SCAQMD must also adopt and include in the Clean Fuels Program a Plan Update which focuses on proposed projects expected to be funded during the current or subsequent calendar year.

Commencing March, 2004 the Clean Fuels Program Annual Report and Plan Update were combined into a single document. The Plan Update, however, starting in 2008, is submitted every October to the SCAQMD Board as a draft for review and comment. The final Plan Update, along with the Annual Report, is then submitted for the Board's consideration at a public hearing every March.

To see copies of recent Annual Reports and Plan Updates, go to the bottom of this page and click on the report year in which you are interested.

To see previous versions of the annual report and plan update, please visit the Clean Fuels Program Report archive.

Clean Fuels Program Annual Report Content and Requirements

The content of the Clean Fuels Program Annual Report addresses requirements set forth in state legislation, passed in 1999, that amended and extended the Clean Fuels Program. As stated in the H&SC, the SCAQMD must submit, on or before March 31 of each year to the Legislature, an annual report that includes:

  • A description of the core technologies critical to ensure attainment and maintenance of ambient air quality standards and a description of the efforts made to overcome barriers to commercialization of those technologies;

  • An analysis of the impact of the SCAQMD’s Clean Fuels Program on the private sector and on research, development, and commercialization efforts by major automobile and energy firms;

  • A description of projects funded by the SCAQMD including a list of recipients, subcontractors, co-funding sources, matching state or federal funds, and expected and actual results of each project advancing and implementing clean fuels technology and improving public health;

  • The title and purpose of all projects undertaken pursuant to the Clean Fuels Program, the names of the contractors and subcontractors involved in each project, and the amount of money expended for each project;

  • A summary of the progress made toward the goals of the Clean Fuels Program; and

  • Funding priorities identified for the next year and relevant audit information for previous, current, and future years covered by the report.

Clean Fuels Program Plan Update

The Clean Fuels Program Plan Update identifies potential projects to be considered for funding during the current calendar year. The proposed projcts reflect promising low-, near-zero, and zero-emission technologies and applications that are emerging in the different source categories. This update includes a number of proposed projects, not all of which are expected to be funded in the current calendar year given the available budget. Projects not funded in the calendar year may be considered for funding in subsequent years. There is no requirement to expend all of the allocated monies in any specific area within this calendar year. 

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